Cheery Wear for Weary Times…

Well, here I am in 2020 back at blogging my favorite fashion finds. In the midst of job twists and career shifts, I truly love blogging about my favorite fashion pieces. So, I thought I’d start again on here. It’s a sort of mental break from what is happening in our world. I fully realizeContinue reading “Cheery Wear for Weary Times…”

Hello & Goodbye [to 2015].

Hello! It really has been a while since I have written anything on here fashion related or otherwise. I have been knee-deep in graduate school work (again!) and just working hard on all of the great plans that the Lord has put in place… babysitting, teaching preschoolers at church, editing curriculum for the preschool classroomContinue reading “Hello & Goodbye [to 2015].”

Shop for Me Kate:: Virtual Styling

Dearest readers, I realize that I have been MIA.  I’m nearing the end of a busy school (work) year and I promise soon I will be back with regularly scheduled posts…. that’s my goal. I wanted to, in the mean time, let you know about a service I offer – virtual styling.  It’s a simpleContinue reading “Shop for Me Kate:: Virtual Styling”

I Shop… So You Don’t Have To.

Before I start posting all my latest and greatest finds, shopping suggestions and just plain old things I love… I wanted to tell you about the shopping services I offer and publicly thank Anthropolgie for what they have done for my wardrobe. So, here it goes! I, as you guessed, love shopping and clothes. IContinue reading “I Shop… So You Don’t Have To.”