Blog SFMK:: (IN FOCUS) – Zara

If it’s good enough for the Middleton women, it’s good enough for me.  Zara.  It’s a Spain based retailer…. I’m happy they decided to share their store with America.  Even if they want to be snobby and not offer online shopping or shipping from the store.  I’ll still drool over their reasonably priced and fabulous clothes.  And hold out hope for them opening an online store presence.  I heard it will be happening in September.  September will be a sweet, sweet month indeed.

Now, let’s FOCUS….

(c) 2011, Zara - Double Breasted Blazer

Such a cute blazer to pair with jeans or jean shorts, as seen.  I love the bright green color, though it also comes in red.  It adds such a great pop of color to your outfit!

(c) 2011, Zara - Two-Tone Dress

You may have seen this dress recently on a certain Pippa Middleton.  I love the color blocking that is going on in this dress.  As you may also remember, I highlighted some of the upcoming trends for spring way back when and color blocking was one of them.  I ADORE this dress!

So, since I love the dress so much, I wanted to show you another version of the same dress – it’s really cute too!

(c) 2011, Zara - Two-Tone Dress
(c) 2011, Zara - Mum Skinny Trousers

I’m not typically a fan of pointed heels, but I’m really a fan of these jeans!  The heels…. they look fantastic, I must admit, with these jeans.

(c) 2011, Zara - Fabric Ballerina

I’m “ohhhing”,  “awwwing” and “pirouetting” over these ballet flats.

(c) 2011, Zara - Blouse with Frilled Shoulders

Everything about this outfit makes me smile.

(c) 2011, Zara - Ankle Boot with Heel and Buckles

These are cute to boot! I love, love, love these boots!

(c) 2011, Zara - Miniskirt with Sequins

I love this skirt to pieces.  I’ve seen this style skirt everywhere these days and I think it is fun, but classy at the same time if you pair it with the right top and shoes, as seen above.

(c) 2011, Zara - Crepe Blouse
(c) 2011, Zara - Frilled Shirt

Cute, no?

There’s a ton more to look at on – go check it out…. and order away online in September!

Questions? Need help with your wardrobe? Shopformekate(at)yahoo(dot)com is here to help!



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