SFMK:: HOME – Bookends!

I am a reader.  There’s little else that will keep me up at night like a good book can.  In college, I brought crates (yes, I had high-end storage, ha!) to hold all my dear “friends”.  Two whole crates, in fact, overflowed with books my freshman year.  That number grew almost every year thereafter.

While growing up, I had a whole half of my closet dedicated to my collection of books.  YES, a whole half of lovely space.  A bookshelf overflowed inside my closet and it was glorious.  Books often rested on top of each other, but they didn’t seem to mind – nor did I.  They all had  a cozy, little home.

These days, I’ve ditched the college crates and moved back to the land of book shelves.  I still love books more than a worm inside a book, but I’ve reduced my collection dramatically.  No longer can they stay up due to them being packed so tightly together…. enter in the need for bookends.  Cute ones!  Creative ones!  Funky ones!  There’s so many out there to choose from, your books will never fall off the shelf again.  Also, your room  – be it your living room, bedroom or TV room – will gain an accent piece detail that will add that extra touch of “you” to the space.

(c) 2011, Restoration Hardware - Brooklyn Bridge Bookends (set of 2)
(c) 2011, Knob Creek Metal on Etsy - Fleur de lis Bookends
(c) 2011, Just Bookends.com - Pair of Verdis Bird Bookends
(c) 2011, Just Bookends.com - Decorative Pineapple Bookends
(c) 2011, Pottery Barn - Bird Nest Bookend, Set Of 2


(c) 2011, Elements - Bronze Lions Bookends
(c) 2011, HomArt - Eiffel Tower Bookend, Bronze
(c) 2011, Amazon - Distressed Finish Red Wooden Anchor Bookends


(c) 2011, Target - Chakra Bookends Set of 2
(c) 2011, Pier 1 - Elephant Resin Bookends

If you need any help with shopping, styling or sorting clothes to keep, email me at: shopformekate(at)yahoo(dot)com


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