Fascinated with Fascinators!

Classy.  Cute.  Royal worthy.  Fascinators are the new “it” item to have on your head these days.  As mentioned, they’re classy, cute and they are worthy of being worn by royals.  So, it’s an all-around win-win situation.

I’ve gathered some fascinators for you to feast your eyes on and soon enough you’ll be drinking tea with the Queen or Duchess of Cambridge.

(c) 2011, Fancie Strands' Shop - Royal Bridal Feather Hair Fascinator
(c) 2011, Fancie Strands' Shop - Princess Inspired White Feather Fascinator Hair Clip
(c) 2011, Indigo Daisy Weddings - Black & Natural Brown Gold Pheasant Feather Mini Hat Fascinator
(c) 2011, Indigo Daisy Weddings' - Navy Blue Dita Rose Crystal & Feather Wedding Fascinator Comb
(c) 2011, Indigo Daisy Weddings - Royal Blue Feather & Swarovski Crystal Layla Wedding Fascinator Comb
(c) 2011, Indigo Daisy Weddings - Elegant Latte Sinamay & Feather Flower Wedding Fascinator Mini Hat
(c) 2011, ASOS - Statement Sinamay Bow And Ribbon Fascinator
(c) 2011, ASOS - Pearl Covered Pill Box Fascinator with Bow and Net Detail
(c) 2011, ASOS - Sinamay Pill Box Fascinator With Arrow Head Detail
(c) 2011, Serendipity Tiaras- Kate Flower and Feather Fascinator

If you’re now finding yourself fascinated, but have questions or reservations on which may look best on you, email me at: shopformekate(at)yahoo(dot)com


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