Sun Hats!

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.  True?  I dunno, but I do know that I missed blogging my fashion finds a whole lot and love this little blog even more.  So, yes, maybe, in some cases, it is true.

If this less-than-spring-like weather has you feeling blue, you have my full sympathies.  To declare that it IS spring, despite the sun not wanting to cooperate with the season, here’s some sun hats to wear, to you know, block out that sun that is shining…. or the snow that is reportedly going to be falling…. depending on whichever part of the country you happen to live in.

(c) 2011, Forever 21 - Jenny Woven Hat
(c) 2011, J Crew - Summer straw hat
(c) 2011, Anthropologie - Cinema Sunhat
(c) 2011, Urban Outfitters - Lacy Edge Floppy Straw Hat
(c) 2011, Nordstrom - Collection XIIX Crochet Floppy Straw Hat
(c) 2011, Bloomingdales - Lauren by Ralph Lauren Crochet Seaside Stripe Hat
(c) 2011, Bloomingdales - Juicy Couture Straw and Twill Tape Sun Hat
(c) 2011, Bloomingdales - Aqua Raffia Floppy Hat with Large Brim and Ribbon
(c) 2011, Bloomingdales - Aqua Large Floppy with Straw Flower
(c) 2011, Macy's - Nine West Hat, Packable Straw Flower Super Floppy

Hat’s off to spring!? 🙂

Questions, need shopping help? Shopformekate(at)yahoo(dot)com


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