Heading into Sandals Season! Great sandals for Spring and Summer.

If there’s anything more exciting than picking out the perfect winter boots, to get you through the dreary days of winter, it has got to be sandal season!  There’s something so freeing about leaving behind socks and getting the chance to feel the warm sun on your feet again through your open toe sandals.

Come this time every year, I typically have yet to think about wearing sandals.  It’s really not warm yet.  Windy March, rainy April…. sandals don’t usually cross my mind until at the earliest, May.  However, I must confess, that every year I am disappointed when the sandals I had seen in March are gone come May.

Call it being prepared, call it storing up for the spring and summer, whatever you call it, I decided to purchase my sandals early this year.  And smile when I’m wearing the ones I love in May.

Here’s to the great ones…..

(c) 2011, Nordstrom - Steve Madden 'Saffarri' Sandal

I just bought these in olive green.  I ADORE them.  They are honestly so comfortable that I had a difficult time putting my Uggs back on after I took them off.  Makes me hope even more that warm weather is coming soon…. super soon.

(c) 2011, Ann Taylor Loft - Franca Caged Wedge
(c) 2011, Nordstrom - Steve Madden 'Paiigge' Gladiator Sandal
(c) 2011, Nordstrom - Trouvé 'Lavont' Caged Sandal
(c) 2011, Nordstrom - DV by Dolce Vita 'Dauphin' Sandal
(c) 2011, Nordstrom - Steve Madden Leather Sandal
(c) 2011, J Crew - Irena gladiator sandals

Wedges are in this season.  Look for them in natural fabrics.  I love the one below!

(c) 2011, Nordstrom - Tory Burch Wood Wedge Espadrille
(c) 2011, Aldo - Dauster
(c) 2011, Aldo - Galban

I think all of these sandals are pretty great!  I hope you’re inspired to add some shoe flair to your spring and summer outfits – shoes really do complete your outfit.  There’s nothing that makes me weep more (wardrobe related!) than seeing a great outfit with not so great shoes…. always think, “that’s too bad they didn’t finish that outfit well”.  So, find some great sandals this year!  I’m ready for sandal season!  Are you?




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