SFMK:: HOME – Curtain Call!

Allowing you to let as much (or as little) light in and still maintain privacy is what I love about curtains.  Not to mention that the fabrics are varied and wonderful these days, making it so hard, but fun to pick great ones for your windows.  I’ve relatively little (read next to no) experience in choosing curtains.  I admit that they confused me similar to the way choosing sheets based on thread count baffles my little brain.  Figuring out if the curtains I wanted would allow in enough light, but still not enable people to see inside, mixed with wondering if the thread count mattered or if the price displayed was really just for one panel made me weep….. however, I’m starting to look around a bit.  Learning about curtain facts has become fun in my search to find ones I love for my bedroom windows.  Here’s a glimpse of what I’ve found and loved along the way…..


(c) 2011, Anthropologie - Rising Atoll Curtain
(c) 2011, Anthropologie - Breeze-Blown Bouquet Curtain
(c) 2011, Anthropologie - Coqo Floral Curtain
(c) 2011, Anthropologie - Toorie Curtain
(c) 2011, Anthropologie - Midnight Courtyard Curtain
(c) 2011, Crate & Barrel - Bud Vine 100x108 Curtain Panel
(c) 2011, Pottery Barn - Velvet Drape
(c) 2011, Pottery Barn - Voile Pole Pocket Drape
(c) 2011, Pier 1 Imports - Polka Dot Window Panel - Sand
(c) 2011, Pier 1 Imports - Damask Window Panel
(c) 2011, Pier 1 Imports - Crimson Eyelash Window Panel
(c) 2011, Pier 1 Imports - Silk Window Panels - Pearl

They’re all so beautiful and window worthy, no?  Hopefully by spring one of these patterns will be gracing the windows in my room…. and if you’d like help finding perfect curtains for your windows, send me an email at shopformekate(at)yahoo(dot) com



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