Springing Ahead – 6 Fashion Trends for Spring 2011 (a month away from today!)

If the snow on the horizon for the next two days didn’t already give it away, spring is a month away from TODAY!  Hard to believe, eh?  But, it’s true!

Consider this your guide to the trends for the soon-to-be-here spring!

:: Blocks of Color

(c) 2011, Ann Taylor Loft
(c) 2011, Anthropologie - Take Two Tee

:: Floral

(c) 2011, Ann Taylor Loft - Abstract Floral Print Pencil Skirt
(c) 2011, Ann Taylor Loft - Pansy Blooms Ruffle Shell
(c) 2011, Gap - Floral Skirt

:: Trench dresses

(c) 2011, Ann Taylor - Trench Dress
(c) 2011, Banana Republic - Sleeveless Trench Dress
(c) 2011, All Saints - Idun Trench Dress

:: Chambray (denim)

(c) 2011, Gap - Chambray Tie Neck Blouse
(c) 2011, Gap - Chambray Shorts
(c) 2011, J Crew - Shirred Chambray Skirt

:: Wide-Leg Trousers

(c) 2011, Anthropologie - At The Beginning Wide-Legs
(c) 2011, Anthropologie - Worker Bee Trousers
(c) 2011, Ann Taylor Loft - Julie Luxe Herringbone Trousers

:: Dolman Sleeves

(c) 2011, Ann Taylor Loft - Jewel Neck Dolman Sleeve Tee
(c) 2011, Nordstrom - Frenchi® Boxy V-Neck Tee
(c) 2011, Nordstrom - Alternative Mélange Burnout Dolman Sleeve Tee

There you have it!  A small sampling of what you should keep your eyes peeled for this coming season.  If you’re interested in learning more about these or other spring 2011 trends and how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe, don’t hesitate to get in touch!  Shopformekate(at)yahoo(dot)com


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