SFMK:: HOME – Throw Blankets!

A cold and windy day right after a warm and sunny day is the pits.  As I type this, the wind is whipping around outside and I fear my windows may cave in.  All is not lost, though, because I have some throw blankets to share that will warm any windy day right up.

Throw blankets are the perfect accessory for your humble abode.  They’ll fit right in no matter where you, well, throw them.  Stash them on your couch or bed while not in use and they’ll add some extra pretty.  Best of all, they’ll be right there when the wind comes whipping and the windows seem as though they may cave in at any moment! 🙂

(c) 2011, Pier 1 - Solid Chenille Throw - Gold
(c) 2011, Pier 1 - Solid Chenille Throw - Ivory
(c) 2011, Crate & Barrel - Bexley Green Throw
(c) 2011, Crate & Barrel - Hailey Mustard Throw
(c) 2011, Pottery Barn - Cable-Knit Throw
(c) 2011, Bed Bath & Beyond - The Perfect Touch Throw™ Blanket by Berkshire Blanket
(c) 2011, West Elm - Handknit Throw
(c) 2011, West Elm - Chunky Tassel Throw
(c) 2011, Ralph Lauren - Cotton Cable Throw Blanket
(c) 2011, CB2 - Champion Organic Cotton Blanket

Need any styling or shopping assistance?  Shopformekate(at)yahoo(dot) com.  Also be sure to email me any questions you have about items you want to find in a magazine but can’t…. I’d love to help.

Until next time, stay warm!


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