Parting with Clothing

There’s no better time than around the beginning of February when your weekend activities may be a bit sparse than to do some winter cleaning.  It’s time to start thinking about what clothes to toss to make extra room for those clothes you want to have.  For every three items I toss or donate during this process, I’m allowing myself to buy one new item.  I think it’s a good motivator to free up some room in my closet.

However, parting with clothing is not an easy decision.  I mean, clothes can become so dear to us!  They’re like an old security blanket that we just can’t get rid of.

Here’s a little list to guide you in your decision making on when to make the toss or donation.  There’s a million worthy charities that would happily take your clothes as long as they’re in good condition (no stains or holes).

When to Part::

1)  You’ve never worn this clothing item at all during the past four seasons.

2)  The clothing item is stained  in spots and the stains won’t come out.

3)  It just isn’t fitting the way it used to / should.

4)  It no longer is in style.

5)  It lost its shape (stretched out) or the color has faded.

There are new clothes to be worn!  Let’s begin a new come spring….

If you need any assistance on figuring out which clothes to part with, send me an email at: katiestefko(at)yahoo(dot)com – I’ll have a Verizon iPhone soon that will allow me to access email all day.  So, I’ll get back to you fast…. Life just got better.

Happy Saturday!

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