Give Your Legs a Little Love with Leggings


It’s easy to accomplish a comfortable, yet polished look with a pair of leggings.  I  love wearing them alone (with a tunic or a longer, derriere covering, sweater), but in the winter months especially, I love to think in layers.  Leggings will keep your legs much warmer than tights, so they’re perfect to wear in the winter under a dress or skirt.

With such a variety of styles these days, it’s hard to not want to wear them all the time.

(c) 2011, Ann Taylor Loft - Colorblock Leggings
(c) 2011, Anthropologie - Cold Outside Leggings

I love the subtle zipper up the side of these leggings!  It adds such a fun element to them!

(c) 2011, Anthropologie - New Necessities Leggings
(c) 2011, Banana Republic - Everyday knit legging
(c) 2011, J Crew - Signature black leggings

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