SFMK Kids – Sweater Weather

From my experience as a teacher and an Aunt, kids look super cute wearing sweaters, but they don’t keep them on for hours on end.  Be it that saucy meal or running around and getting too hot, kids’ sweaters are often found after a bit laying in a lonely place.  Regardless, there’s no reason why during those short moments they are worn that the sweaters can’t be cute and stylish!

Here’s my picks and maybe, just maybe, they’ll inspire your kids to keep them on a while….


(c) 2011, Ralph Lauren - Striped Half-Zip Mockneck
(c) 2011, Ralph Lauren - Classic Cotton Crewneck
(c) 2011, Ralph Lauren - Argyle V-Neck Sweater
(c) 2011, Ralph Lauren - Merino Wool Striped Crewneck
(c) 2011, Ralph Lauren - Cotton-Wool Pullover Hoodie
(c) 2011, J. Crew - Boys' cotton cable crewneck sweater
(c) 2011, J Crew - Boys' cotton-cashmere V-neck sweater


(c) 2011, Gap - Cable knit hoodie sweater
(c) 2011, J Crew - Girls' cashmere bello cardigan
(c) 2011, J Crew - Girls' wayward ribbon cardigan
(c) 2011, Ralph Lauren - Pink Pony Hooded Sweater
(c) 2011, Ralph Lauren - Pima Cotton V-Neck Cardigan
(c) 2011, Ralph Lauren - Cabled Cotton Henley
(c) 2011, Ralph Lauren - Striped Button-Neck Sweater

Both Boys and Girls::

(c) 2011, J Crew - Kids' Saint James® stripe sweater
(c) 2011, J Crew - Kids' cashmere cable crewneck sweater

And if I’m wrong about kids taking off their sweaters after only a short while, let me know, but if I’m right, I hope these little sweater wonders can do the trick to keep your kids looking dapper all day.

Until next time, if you need any wardrobe or shopping assistance, get in touch! shopformekate(at)yahoo(dot)com


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