Jazz up the winter blahs with….. headbands!

Sticking to the bringing in some summer to winter theme, there are subtle things, like headbands, to “brighten” up an outfit and your face.  With all sorts of flowers, feathers and sparkles adorning them, there’s no doubt that these headbands will put a bit of pep into your step as we trudge through cold and snow to get to…… spring.

(c) 2010, Nordstrom - Tasha 'Single' Crystal Headband

(c) 2010, Anthropologie - Pearl & Purl Headband
(c) 2010, Anthropologie - Sparklers Headband


(c) 2010, Anthropologie - Floating Gardenia Headband
(c) 2010, Anthropologie - Triple-Strand Headband
(c) 2010, Ann Taylor Loft - Feather Cluster Headband
(c) 2010, J Crew - Fine glitter headband
(c) 2010, J Crew - Opaque jewel headband
(c) 2010, Forever 21 - Assorted Metallic Headbands
(c) 2010, Forever 21 - Chiffon-Mesh Flower Headband
(c) 2010, Forever 21 - Dual Faceted Bead Headband
(c) 2010, Nordstrom - Tasha Braided Headband
(c) 2010, Ann Taylor - Pearl Stretch Headband

If these headbands don’t have you dancing to a new, warm, springy beat, I don’t know what will.  🙂

Until next time, enjoy the season and if you need any shopping, styling, clothing finding assistance, get in touch with me at: shopformekate(at)yahoo(dot)com


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