Flannel This, Flannel That… Shirts!

Do you, ladies, dress for the girls or the guys? A late night conversation with two of my favorite (and only) siblings confirmed my suspicion. Women dress for women, of course.   No doubt about it, these flannels will be a hit with both genders… and you may decide to snag a few from any male that wears flannel shirts in your life.  🙂

The perfect cure to brighten and warm up these get dark early, cold days.   Flannel shirts…. timber!

(c) 2010, J. Crew - Pink Flannel Boy Shirt
(c) 2010, J. Crew - Teal Flannel Boy Shirt
(c) 2010, Banana Republic - Plaid Flannel Ruffle Shirt
(c) 2010, Forever 21 - Forever 21 Plaid Flannel Shirt
(c) 2010, Forever 21 - Forever 21 Large Scale Plaid Flannel Shirt
(c) 2010, Madewell - Belmont Boyshirt
(c) 2010, Aritzia - TNA Classic Flannel

Love it, like it, leave it? Let me know what you think of this post by commenting below! As always, if you need help styling, shopping or surfing (the internet) for great finds, buys or presents, I’m just an email away.


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