Boots to Boot (and storing & hot fall picks, too!)

There comes a time in every woman’s life where she has to send her shoes to a place of no return.  That’s right.  The old…. g-a-r-b-a-g-e   c-a-n.  Now, I can justify tossing a pair that cost me less than three paychecks, but those dear ones that were, let’s say, an investment piece?  Not. Easy. To. Part. With!  However, it must be done.  Here’s a quick, short and simple list of tips to consider when contemplating the toss.

1) The heels are no longer…. well, heels.  If your boots were once mid – high heeled boots, but now resemble flat boots, it’s time for the  toss.

2) Scuff and Stuff…. if there’s peeling leather and the marker just doesn’t do the trick anymore or if there’s stuff that is permanently stuck, consider it the perfect time to retire those boots to the place of no return.

3) Yesterday they were in….. if your boots look like they’re from an era you didn’t live in and it’s never coming back, please, please throw them out with today’s trash.

There you have it!  My quick and simple tips to answer the question, “should I throw these boots away?”

If your boot collection looks anything like mine, it is quite the picture.  Storing boots on a shoe rack is quite tricky (read: impossible) and keeping those boot shafts upright and not floppy is, well, let’s say, tricky, too.  I’ve seen the storage solutions, but just haven’t gotten around to figuring out which works best for my storing situation.  Never fear, dear readers!  I’m here to dish on which storing solutions are the BEST that are out there….

(c) 2010, The Container Store - Boot Box

Check out this extra long, clear box!  Perfect!  It is long and large enough to hold one pair of boots.  The best part is that it is clear, so, you can easily see what boots are inside.  Drawback is that the shaft isn’t being properly cared for.  However, I’m sure you can fit a shaft shaper in there, too.

(c) 2010, The Container Store - Boot Shapers

Ahh.  Shapers to shape those boots into shape.  The fantastic part is that they have removable hangers.  No need to take up any space on your shelves or floor.  Hang your boots right up!

(c) 2010, The Container Store - Cedar Boot Shapers

Keep those moths away with the brilliant cedar boot shapers!  Though these don’t hang, they are well worth it regardless – moth holes are never in style.

(c) 2010, The Container Store - Boot Stand

How genius!  Shape up your boots with the boot stand!

This fall season has some boots that are hot, hot, hot!

First up:


(c) 2010, Piperlime - Mia: Duke
(c) 2010, Anthropolgie - Feldspar Fissures Booties
(c) 2010, Anthropolgie - Cloaked & Buttoned Booties

Next, I’ll take some of these, please!!!

Over the Knees!

(c) 2010, Ann Taylor Loft - Peter Over the Knee Riding Boots
(c) 2010, Ann Taylor Loft - Jossa Suede Over the Knee Flat Boots
(c) 2010, DSW - Madden Girl Zeda Over The Knee Boots

And, I’ll have a tall order of….

Tall Boots!

(c) 2010, Madewell - The Archive Leather Boot
(c) 2010, Madewell - The Balcony Boot

As you’re preparing for the coming colder days, save some space for the cute boots above.  And if you need help deciding which to toss, how to store or which to buy, contact me at: katiestefko (at) yahoo (dot) com and I’ll be ready and smitten to help.


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