Cheery Wear for Weary Times…

Well, here I am in 2020 back at blogging my favorite fashion finds. In the midst of job twists and career shifts, I truly love blogging about my favorite fashion pieces. So, I thought I’d start again on here. It’s a sort of mental break from what is happening in our world. I fully realize that there are so many that are on the “front lines” and can’t take a physical break lest a mental one. I’m truly praying for you. xoxo

Please note: All photos of clothing in this post are copyrighted (c) by me, Katie Stefko, at Shop for Me, Kate. Thank you!

   J. Crew Factory’s Textured Tank Top with Scallop Trim




Isn’t this little tank so bright and cute? It comes in a wide variety of colors. I have the tank featured here in Bright Cerise. However, there are four other lovely colors to choose from.


J Crew. Factory’s Striped Pleated Midi Skirt

I could live in navy and white striped clothes every single day. I love a good ‘ol nod to all things nautical any day of the year. Nothing makes me smile more on weary days than navy and white stripes. So, add them to a skirt, and I am grinning ear to ear. Here’s a lovely midi-length striped skirt from J. Crew Factory.



J. Crew Factory’s Linen-Blend Drawstring Shorts in Dusty Red




Cute red-toned shorts are the perfect addition to your spring / summer wardrobe. J. Crew Factory offers these comfy shorts in dusty red, as pictured above as well as in Quarry Green and black.

J. Crew Factory’s Leopard Teddie Sweater

I love a good leopard printed clothing item… while leopard may not strike you as being fit for spring, I really think it is an all year-round type of pattern, yeah? If we pair it properly, it will look like you’re running through the fields of green, springy, sunshine. This long-sleeved, lightweight, leopard teddie sweater, will keep you warm on those cooler spring days and nights. I own this sweater in so many of the colors offered. It is truly such a staple in my wardrobe. I wear it with midi skirts, jeans, and shorts. It really is such a great, little gem of a sweater.



Lost and Wander Smocked Floral Midi Dress

I happened upon this happy, little dress when strolling through Bloomingdales a month or so ago. Isn’t it so cute?! I can think of so many wonderful places to wear this dress once this season of staying put is over.





I hope this gave you a little bit of cheer and sunshine in your day. It was a much needed reprieve from worrying and stewing during my day… praying for sunshiney days ahead, an end to this storm. “He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed. They were glad when it grew calm, and He guided them to their desired haven.” Psalm 107:29-30

As always, if you need some styling help, fashion advice, I would LOVE to help you. I offer virtual style consulting as well as wardrobe assessment and suggestions. Send me an email at: katiestefko (at) yahoo (dot) com. Hope to chat soon!

Hello & Goodbye [to 2015].


It really has been a while since I have written anything on here fashion related or otherwise. I have been knee-deep in graduate school work (again!) and just working hard on all of the great plans that the Lord has put in place… babysitting, teaching preschoolers at church, editing curriculum for the preschool classroom at church as well as attempting to get in gear with running consistently.

I hope to blog more on here in the new year (2016).


Shop for Me Kate:: Virtual Styling

Dearest readers,

I realize that I have been MIA.  I’m nearing the end of a busy school (work) year and I promise soon I will be back with regularly scheduled posts…. that’s my goal. I wanted to, in the mean time, let you know about a service I offer – virtual styling.  It’s a simple and fun way to get clothing items you’re looking for styled together for you – online.

Here’s the skinny::

1) Virtual styling is $4.00 per outfit or $25 for 10 outfits.

2) This process takes up to 1 week for completion and I will have your virtual styles ready and emailed to you within that time period.

3) Email me answers to the following questions (all info. will be kept confidential) at: shopformekate(at)yahoo(dot)com…. I’ll then be in touch with you in regards to your order invoice.

– Your full name:

– Number of virtual outfits purchasing:

–  Date you’re submitting this to me:

– Weather for outfits:

– Your sizes (top, bottoms, shoes):

– Height:

– Skin complexion:

– Lifestyle (Mom, busy, active, etc…):

– Occasion(s) for outfits:

– Body type (Apple=  larger top, smaller legs, hips and bum.  Pear = smaller top, larger hips, legs, bum. Straight = proportioned evenly. Hour Glass = curvy w/ small waist)

– Favorite features:

– “Problem” areas:

– Budget:

– Favorite clothing items:

– Favorite stores:

– Favorite colors:

– Silver or Gold:

– Any dislikes?

Does this all make sense?  If you have questions, email me at: katiestefko(at)yahoo (dot) com

Look forward to hearing from you!


VLOG:: Displaying Your Scarves

Here’s another exclusive SFMK VLOG about how to display your scarves.  If you have any ideas on how you display your scarves, let me know!  I’d love to hear them!  I hope you enjoy this latest segment.  As always, email me at katiestefko (at) yahoo (dot) com with any style related questions and I’ll be in touch with you soon!

Parting with Clothing

There’s no better time than around the beginning of February when your weekend activities may be a bit sparse than to do some winter cleaning.  It’s time to start thinking about what clothes to toss to make extra room for those clothes you want to have.  For every three items I toss or donate during this process, I’m allowing myself to buy one new item.  I think it’s a good motivator to free up some room in my closet.

However, parting with clothing is not an easy decision.  I mean, clothes can become so dear to us!  They’re like an old security blanket that we just can’t get rid of.

Here’s a little list to guide you in your decision making on when to make the toss or donation.  There’s a million worthy charities that would happily take your clothes as long as they’re in good condition (no stains or holes).

When to Part::

1)  You’ve never worn this clothing item at all during the past four seasons.

2)  The clothing item is stained  in spots and the stains won’t come out.

3)  It just isn’t fitting the way it used to / should.

4)  It no longer is in style.

5)  It lost its shape (stretched out) or the color has faded.

There are new clothes to be worn!  Let’s begin a new come spring….

If you need any assistance on figuring out which clothes to part with, send me an email at: katiestefko(at)yahoo(dot)com – I’ll have a Verizon iPhone soon that will allow me to access email all day.  So, I’ll get back to you fast…. Life just got better.

Happy Saturday!

Find It For Me, Kate!

I don’t know about you, but that little groundhog is my new best friend.  You say Spring is coming early, little groundhog?  Let’s go out shopping to buy some Spring clothes to celebrate!

So, the near arrival of a new season merits the arrival of something new at Shop for Me, Kate!  I introduce, to you….. Find It For Me, Kate!

Email me your fashion inquiries (photos of celebs wearing something you want, etc.) and I will do my best to find it for you!  I make no promises I will find it, but if not, I’ll find a close look-a-like.  Deal?  I’ll even feature it on this little blog here.

Have a question about what a celeb is wearing in a magazine or need help with shopping? Email me at: katiestefko(at)yahoo(dot)com

The BEST of 2010 – Fashion Related

It’s always fun to look back on the year and remind yourself just what you have (or, in some cases, haven’t yet) accomplished.  Every year I enjoy doing this.  Some years I have written it down online and others in my own personal journal (you know, the kind that requires ink and paper).  I really still love good, old, pen and ink. But, that’s another story for another day.  Today! Today we are going to take a look at the best of 2010…. all things fashion related, that is.

Let’s go!


– How to Be a Hepburn in a Hilton World – Jordan Christy

I haven’t finished this book quite yet, but I overheard some women talking about this book at work one day and the title totally captured my interest and the book, so far, is doing the same.

– The Gospel According to CoCo Chanel – Karen Karbo

I spotted this book in Anthropologie and knew I had to get it.

– The Fashion Book (Mini Edition) – Richard Martin

The A to Z list of the most famous designers, models and photographers in the fashion industry. A great little pocket guide for those who want to be in the know.


– Possessionista::

I love scouring her blog (especially after a new episode of The Bachelor/Bachelorette).  She always has most of the outfits from what the girls on each of these shows (and other shows as well) were wearing.

– J. Crew Aficionada::

If you happen to love J. Crew like I do, this blog has the 411 on sales and discounts!

– Rue La La::

This little gem of a website has great sales on a variety of items (both for the home and for your wardrobe).  If you’re not a member, just sign up – it’s FREE – (


– Coco Before Chanel (movie)

This movie was absolutely fascinating!  I really enjoyed hearing about her life before she became, well, Chanel.  I loved her rather humble upbringing as well as her humble  start in the world of fashion.

– Project Runway (tv show)

I watched a few seasons (thank you Hulu!) of this show and really enjoyed seeing the “in’s” and “out’s” of the fashion design world.

I know there are hundreds of other movies/tv shows that are fashion related out there, but these are just the ones I have had time / desired to watch.

Have a wonderful, happy and safe New Year’s!  There are good things a-coming in 2011…. I have lots in store so be sure to check back soon!  Fashion emergency? Email away! katiestefko(at)yahoo(dot)com

Katie’s Rule of 3

Oh, dear readers, I have been MIA, and for that, I apologize.  Chalk it up to…… shopping!  Writing!  Working!  Attending graduate classes!  But, I’m back!  I’m back to let you in on a little secret that I created several years ago to help with the overwhelming question I asked myself: “what’s my style?!”

This little secret is nothing Earth-shaking, but it really did help me figure out what clothes I wanted to purchase and what “my style” is.  I bounce around anywhere from vintage to urban…. but, before I knew these pieces of information, I developed… the 3 celeb. secret.

It all comes down to me and three celebrities or people whose style I LOVE.  I picked celebrities simply because you can find their outfits posted all over the internet – easily accessible.   I chose three because, well, it is not enough to make your head spin and just enough to give you plenty of choices in wardrobe decisions.

My list?

1) Katie Holmes

Way back when, I found this little gem of a website that detailed most of the outfits Katie wore.  It was my go-to guide for the style of clothes I wanted to wear/find/mimic.

2) Zooey Deschanel

There is a rumor that may or may not be true that I told my sister to say the celebrity I reminded her of was Zooey Deschanel.  I love her vintage style and knew I wanted to dress like she does.

3) Kate Middleton

Long before her engagement to Prince William, I have loved Kate’s style.  She dresses in such a classy way that I adore nearly all of her outfits.

Three celebrities with three different styles.  All of whose style I love.  I definitely put my own tweak on things when I shop and style myself, but it is good to have a guide map and these three celebs help me define and refine my style.

Hope this gets you thinking about what your style is and if there are any celebs out there whose style you can glean a tiny bit of direction from.  As always, I’d love to help, too!

I’m just an email away at: katiestefko(at)yahoo(dot)com.


A Girl With A PLAN

It’s not rocket science, but it sure changed my shopping strategy, if you will. In my previous shopping endeavors, I’d stick to my favorite couple of mid-range priced stores and call it a day.

I have always considered myself neat and organized. My shopping experience should have been no different. But, it was. I was swirling around the same old stores and hoping for different results. I was a shopping disaster. I had no strategy or even idea of what I was looking for (that’s another post for another day).

But, the day THE PLAN dawned on me, I became aware of a different way to shop. My shopping experiences have never been the same since.

This plan… is just my plan and it works for me. I do hope, however,  you find it useful and again, it’s not rocket science or anything.

Here’s how you can become a girl with A PLAN::

1) Pick 1 or more retail store(s) (or any shopping store category you are attacking – be it interiors, fashion, etc) that fall into these three categories:

:: Below budget

:: At budget

:: Beyond budget

While the goal is to not always find yourself spending beyond your budget, it is fun to have a few pieces in your wardrobe that are splurges alongside your more wallet-friendly purchases and steals.

This has kept my wardrobe with a mix of all kinds of clothes at every level. Only you can decide how far beyond your budget you’re willing to go, but the idea is not to empty your wallet.

If you’d like some help figuring out your stores for each category, I’d love to help! Email me any time at: katiestefko(at)yahoo(dot)com.